We Fend For Ourselves

Street Hustles

We fend for ourselves – looks at the ways and heights we take in pursuit of self preservation. We find ways to solidify our make do theology of street hustle in sustaining ourselves. It’s that notion of resilience making provisions for self when there is no set provisions to implement that sense of assurance.

We find ourselves a lot in that space as a people as more and more of our conditions and plight tends to point in the direction of self reliance. We are not waiting anymore to be cared for or taken care of. It’s that understanding you get to realise that nobody is coming to rescue you.

The piece looks into the power of being subjected to elements, igniting the force of resilience when your back is against the wall. Humanity finds ways to manipulate their conditions and reaffirm their strength of finding ways to make do with their circumstances by fending for themselves. It’s that courage which define their everyday life and the understanding of their fate which works as their motivation.

The work showcases the young man of the streets who got to understand their plight that in order for them to survive it takes unconventionality and poise to make it. The streets have become their workshop, their source of self preservation, not begging not complaining but rather appropriation of the space they find themselves in to creatively forge new realities on the urban-scape. They create street car wash spots, street car policing and ensuring protection of assets of the urban dweller’s possessions as they navigate the urban landscape. It’s that eye for a need being appropriated into a lifestyle street car wash spots become social conversions for the working folk. It acts as relaxing spots for the privileged as they get their cars cleaned by the hustlers. A symbiotic relationship is forged between the haves and have nots everyone benefiting from the encounter.

We fend for ourselves serves as an inspiration for us all who are faced with multiple adversities to dig deep and transform some of our cons to pros.


Charles Bhebe’s work offers a profound exploration of identity, belonging, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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