UkukhulaTransition relates to the process within where one goes through changes. It’s a process by which we permanently adopt the outward character, a momentary modulation from one state to another state of being. Ukukhula touches on our childhood aspirations to the reality of what we end up being in our adult life. It’s those dreams we had looking into the future juxtaposed with the reality we find ourselves in. The painting looks at the life cycle of a man as a symbol and the realities we come across from that transition. All those boyish dreams placed in the space of manhood realities, sibling aspirations to reality, ambivalence to the challenges of manhood. It’s a testimony of many of our youth to date where their childhood aspirations have a different reality to the uncertainties of the grownup world.

As we transition as a people, we find ourselves in that rift where we question our life positions as we look back to where we have been and realise quickly the hash realities of that change which at times we are never prepared for. We find ourselves battling with life challenges which we never imaged before. The painting serves as a reminder that as we transition from stage to stage the outcome or position we hold might not be the same as that of our intent but rather giving us a new perspective which we can later look at and realise growth as humanity, a possibility to acknowledge the power of transcendence after reflection of our past.


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Charles Bhebe’s work offers a profound exploration of identity, belonging, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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