Perceived Realities

Perceived Realities explores the element of the virtual and imagined world. The world that is beyond the borders and across oceans. The great beyond has attracted mankind to explore and has always appealed to curiosity of a better place. It is human nature to be curious about foreign lands. Africa is still recovering from a period of forced displacement that creates a new group of displaced people in the diaspora. The gaze has shifted to a contemporary form of displacement that can be described as voluntary. A shift in a state of mind where people migrate from their home lands in search for the ‘greener pastures’, with the belief that life is better economically and mentally beyond home. The virtual world is a platform to imagine and fantasize and that is how ‘Perceived Realities’ taps into the power of belief in a better world. This is because of a disapproval of self to an extent where virtual reality exceeds reason.


Charles Bhebe’s work offers a profound exploration of identity, belonging, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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