Inziki Yebumba

The Core of a Union

Inziki yebumbaThe core of a union taps into the idea of blended unions of existence, a form of partial and full embodiment of our society to date.

Forced or willingly, our sense of family has evolved from the clear models of status quo to a blend of distant yet close relations. This blend presents existent and virtual existing pillars of the union.

Inziki yebumba explores the relation within a union. Elements of real representation together with the virtual representation of other elements which at times hold and complete the union. Pillars of the union may not be fully evident but present a functional position which serves as a backbone of the union in reference to the financial support which has held and kept the union intact from the diaspora. In reference to those who had to migrate to the distant lands. They are the symbiotic representation in the union as they became the balance and support for the union. They act as the shadow balance of the real.

At the centre of this blend presents the other layer of a motherly figure who seemingly embraces all forms of this union even though partly some are translucent pillars of the union. It’s the gatekeeper of the union who holds the structure of the union in hope and belief. In her embrace she keeps all pillars together for the well-being of the union.

It’s our reality as we have to go far away from the union to fend for the existence of all.

Inziki yebumba unlocks the strength within a union where part of its elements function in the shadows but still present that stability and well being of the whole family union. These missing parts of a shared existence are the support to a family structure. They carry us in the moments of vulnerability. It is indeed that blend which has kept our society afloat in decades of despair.


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Charles Bhebe’s work offers a profound exploration of identity, belonging, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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