Born in Lupane, Zimbabwe, and a graduate of the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre, he now resides and works in Bulawayo. His two-dimensional artworks delve into the themes of identity and belonging, exploring the spaces we inhabit, the information we absorb and share, and our responses to change, whether by design or nature. These intricate dynamics coalesce to shape our “identity” – our self-image and how others perceive, comprehend, and value us as individuals within society.

His art delves into the fundamental human desire for belonging, reflecting decades of ongoing physical and psychological evolution as a response to our environment. It’s not just about survival but also about justifying our existence within our surroundings.

His works have graced galleries throughout Zimbabwe, including the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, and represented his nation at the prestigious 57th Venice Biennale in the Zimbabwe Pavilion. Bhebhe has also been a part of numerous group exhibitions in Meerbusch, Germany, and at the Zeitz MOCAA in Capetown. Additionally, he has undertaken expansive mural projects in collaboration with the Farbfieber Artists Association in Dusseldorf, Germany, resulting in the creation of ten large-scale murals alongside artists from Latin America and Europe.



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Charles Bhebe’s work offers a profound exploration of identity, belonging, and the resilience of the human spirit.


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